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    The position described below has now been filled. Thank you very much for the submissions.


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    I’m looking for an artist or studio to create the artwork for a 2D side-scrolling sci-fi themed ‘shoot-em-up’ game I’m developing for the iOS platform. This would be paid work at industry standard rates, so no revenue sharing (unless this is something you would be interested in). The idea is to start as soon as possible, and to be finished within 3-4 months.

    Artwork is needed for all parts of the game - the player’s ship, enemy craft, buildings, scenery, explosions, HUD elements, as well as for the start screen, and user interface.


    A sample of the gameplay can be viewed on YouTube.


    The closest example I’ve found of the type of art I’m looking for is in first and second levels of Ravegan’s Blue Rider, as shown in this review (however, in 2D of course). Specifically, I’m keen on the choice of colours, and the mixture of natural landscape and vegetation with technological elements (panels, pipes, electronic devices). However, I don’t want the South American Mayan temple motifs which are also present in that game, and I'd prefer the technological elements to be high tech - more Star Wars than steampunk.


    The game is being developed in XCode, using its own proprietary engine.


    Please get in touch ( amir.lari@gmail.com ) if you're interested and think that you can fulfil the order.


    Thank you.